OperaMax V1.3.66 Save Your Many Data!

Cover artDownload Opera Max and take control of your data usage. Use any popular app on mobile or WiFi networks and Opera Max will ensure the app doesn’t hog your data or use data in the background without you knowing.
- Save megabytes of data on social, video, music & photo sharing apps
- Monitor apps to see which ones consume the most data
- Manage your data consumption and extend your data plan
- Boost WiFi speeds and save more data.
- Complete control over your data usage while roaming - prevent unexpected costs and stay connected while traveling

• Watch more videos on YouTube & Netflix
Spend less data on watching YouTube cat videos or your favorite shows & movies on Netflix. Opera Max’s unique technology saves data on videos without any significant loss in quality and reduces buffering - which means more funny videos and House of Cards.

• Data management
Monitor and control internet usage on all apps. Opera Max monitors and keeps count of how much mobile internet or Wi-Fi you have used on a monthly or daily basis. It also monitors how many MBs and GBs of data each app uses, to give you full control over your data plan.

   Opera Max - Data savings- screenshot     Opera Max - Data savings- screenshot     Opera Max - Data savings- screenshot

• Block apps & prevent data leakage
Control your apps’ internet usage by blocking apps from running in the background that are using mobile data or Wi-Fi without permission. Blocking apps running in the background conserves battery and minimises your battery usage.

• Track & save data on both Wi-Fi and mobile
Internet savings and blocking apps from using data can be applied to mobile and Wi-Fi independently, with a “Savings on/off” switch.

• Private and secure
Opera Max does not analyse or store private data. If you want more information about how privacy works in Opera Max, check out our FAQ at http://opera.com/help/max/android/.

* Savings based on sampling of U.S. beta users. Your savings may vary.

- Support for data savings for YouTube and Netflix (New feature)
- New VPN control functionality (Disconnect VPN without closing Max UI)
- Various UI modifications
- Bug fixes and improvements

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